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General Practitioner

Underwood Health Clinic will provide you with excellent medical General Practitioner (GP). Our seasoned doctors are dedicated to furnishing comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare solutions. We meticulously attend to an array of needs, encompassing routine health evaluations, preventive healthcare strategies, and the management of chronic ailments. .

Our ethos revolves around creating an environment that fosters empathy, comprehension, and respect. We prioritise treatments that needed precisely and advice to align with the unique health requirements of each patient. At Underwood Health Clinic, your health and wellbeing is our primary commitment.

Why Underwood Health Clinic?

The reason to choose us is clear. At Underwood Health Clinic, we provide medical General Practice based on a patient-centric philosophy. Our team consists of experienced doctors.

From routine check-ups to preventive health care, to the management of chronic diseases, we ensure our patients receive the best treatment. We prioritize the health of our patients and provide medical services in a friendly and understanding environment. By choosing Underwood Health Clinic, you're making the best choice for your health and wellbeing.


Benefits of having local family GP

Having a Family GP at Underwood Health Clinic is like having a trusted health advisor for your whole family. Our GPs provide comprehensive, personalized care for all members, regardless of age or health condition. They understand your family's health history, enabling early detection and prevention of diseases. From administering vaccinations, managing chronic conditions, to providing essential health education, our GPs are dedicated to your family's wellbeing. They coordinate care, offer timely referrals, and maintain thorough health records. Let us be your partner in nurturing a healthier, happier family.

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We assist with NDIS, Home Care Package, DVA, Car incident, Workcover, Private insurance.