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Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is an exercise from that is designed mains an exercise form that is designed mainly for posture, core stability, balance, movement control, strengthening, flexibility, breathing and conditioning. Clinical pilates is used in conjunction with our physiotherapy and osteopathy to managing more variety of injures including neck, back, shoulder and hip.

Clinical pliates is extremely helpful for patients with specific injuries and conditions however it needs to be precise to the individual and not used as a common tool for everyone. In Southport Health Clinic, our experienced clinical pilates instructor will provide evidence based therapeutic exercises in the management of patients with their injuries. The options of sessions vary depending on the number of patient (Usually one on one session but can be up to 4 people).

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Benefits From The Clinical Pilates

At Southport Health Clinic, we are looking to find ways for people of all ages and stages to access affordable, regular and accessible clinical pilates programs. Our pilates class in Gold Coast offers an opportunity for anyone to regularly maintain or increase their fitness without the hassle of ongoing membership or larger gym surroundings.

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